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Come for the Weather – Stay Forever

It is no secret that California enjoys some of the best weather in the United States.  If you don’t enjoy New England winters or feel that the mid-west summer is just too short, California may be the place for you. As the premier real estate agent for Brea real estate I would like to share with you why you may come for that California weather, but once you experience the charm of Brea you will want to stay forever.


When comparing Brea, California to other parts of the United States it becomes evident that the sunny, warm weather is a deciding factor for many people looking to relocate.  Some statistics to mull over include:

  • Brea gets 15 inches of rain annually- The U.S. average is 39.
  • Brea gets 0 inches of snow annually – The average U.S. city gets 26 inches per year.
  • Brea enjoys 283 days of sun per year with a July high of 87 and a January low of 45.

The warm year-round weather makes Brea a great place to settle down.  The climate also allows residents to enjoy the many attractions and outdoor recreational opportunities that surround the area.  Some of California’s best beaches are a short drive away, including Sunset, Huntington and Newport.


With a population of just over 40,000 Brea has that small-town charm, but is near some of California’s largest cities.  Brea lies just 33 miles southeast of Los Angeles, and it’s only 6 miles to Anaheim.

The many freeways that intersect in and around Brea make the city the perfect place for day trips into the larger centers, or even for daily commutes.

City Highlights

The city also has one of the best public-school choices in the state with 6 Brea Schools designated as California Distinguished Schools.

Brea also enjoys a very low crime rate.  It is one of the safest cities in California.  The close-knit neighborhoods and great community spirit make Brea a place where you always feel safe.

The bustling downtown district is a main attraction for both residents and visitors. It is a vibrant mix of boutique stores, trendy and casual dining as well as many entertainment options.

Brea also enjoys a wide range of year-round activities, and it seems that there is always some type of festival going on.  Some of the more notable local events include:

  • The Brea Jazz Festival.
  • Taste of Brea.
  • Brea Concerts in the Park.

If you are looking to get a fresh start in sunny California look no further than Brea.

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