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Dunes Village Resort Condos and Apartments

Dunes Village Resort and Condos is one of the biggest brands of Myrtle Beach. As this will be just like a dream come true of living in such a luxurious community with elegant and deluxe condos. First of all Dunes Village Resort has so many amenities and features to offer you. As first of all you need not to just swim in the saltwater all the time, and enjoy the sand and sun together, because there is a swimming pool just in front of the beach, and if you are not comfortable for swimming in the sun, so all you have to do is to go inside the community center for an indoor pool. And just enjoy Spa there as well. And not just that, but you are also going to get a water park just inside Dunes Village Resort. And with all the crazy rides inside the water park, you need not visit any other water or amusement park in the city.

Fitness Center

Furthermore, there is also a gym right inside the premises of Dunes Village Resort and Condos. So it does not matter that if you are a permanent resident of Dunes Village Resort or you are here just for spending your vacations because this gym is available for all the members of Dunes Village Resort and Condos. Furthermore, if you are looking for outdoor games to play to stay healthy, then, of course, Dunes Village Resort and Condos also provides you with such opportunity. As there are courts for two different types of sports. As there is an outdoor court for tennis and indoor court for basketball. So basically you have more options than any other resort over here in whole Myrtle Beach. Furthermore, there is also a restaurant where you can enjoy the food of almost all kinds, and that includes Chinese, Continental, Italian, Fast Food, and Sea Food etc.

Best Food

Well, in short, you have a variety of food options in just a single restaurant in Dunes Village Resort. And the features of Dunes Village Resort does not just end here because there is also a game room for the recreational activities in your free time. In this gaming room, you can so much stuff for you to do like you can play air hockey, table tennis, and foosball. And also there is video arcade just inside this gaming room where you are going to find all the latest games to play. You are also able to play those games online with your friends all around the world.  Furthermore when it comes to a calm and romantic dinner, or just laying around the beach with a nice spot, then Dunes Village Resort also provides you with a deck where you can have all of your candlelight dinners, or in the daytime, you can just lay there in your chair for a sunbath.

Swimming Pool

Dunes Village Resort is not different than any other normal community, but the only thing that makes it special is actually its extraordinary features and amenities. So when it comes to swimming, and you are not feeling safe to just go right in the ocean for swimming. Well, there is also a substitute for this problem with a huge indoor as well as outdoor swimming pool. Dunes Village Resort also provides you with a hot water tub and spa right next to the indoor pool.

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