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Four Things to Consider When Looking for the Perfect Office Space

Finding just the right office leases for your new office space can prove challenging for some business owners. It’s a commitment, and you want to find the right space. However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with options and ideas, and it’s just as easy to forget what you need when you’re shopping around. Before you sign a lease, consider the following ideas to ensure you find the perfect space for your needs.

Location, Location, Location

It doesn’t change in real estate. Location is the most important feature of any building, and this is not an exception in the business world. Depending on the type of business you have and who you cater to, you need to have the right location. For example, if you run a tutoring business for elementary school children, a location in the suburbs near schools is a much better location than a downtown office space close to bars and restaurants. The location that works best for you won’t be the location that works best for others, but you must know your demographic when choosing a location.

Growth Potential

Do you want to grow and expand? If you do, you must ask yourself if your new office space has room for the kind of expansion you envision. Lack of space is not something you can easily overcome, which is why it should be a priority over things like a great view or an open concept layout. If you don’t intend to grow your space much, you can get away with something smaller.

The First Impression

Just as important as the location to your clients and their demographic is the first impression clients have of your location. Does this office space send the right message? If you’re a highly professional company with high standards, your office space must reflect that level of professionalism. If you’re a casual company with an open-door policy for clients, you want the space to convey that to those who seek your services.


Finally, you must consider parking. You can lease the most fantastic office ever constructed but if the parking situation is problematic, you will only hinder your business. Clients and customers are looking for convenience currently. If you can’t provide them the convenience of parking close and/or easily at your office, you could drive people away. It might seem like such a little thing, but people want convenience and zero hassle when they’re doing business with you.

Now that you know how to find the right office space, sit down and make a list of what’s most important to you. You might not need room to expand or even a large corner office with a view, but you do have a list of needs and wants that will influence your decision. A lease is typically a long-term situation, and you want to be sure you’re not signing a lease you will regret before the terms are over.

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