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How to easily improve your home security

Good home security is paramount to feeling safe in your own house. Some might think that this involves shelling out for expensive electronic systems, but it can be simpler than that. Below we list several very achievable security measures which won’t cost the Earth.

Lock the thieves out

Do not invite burglars into your home by making it easy for them. Make sure ALL entry points are shut and locked when not in use. This includes windows, especially those on the ground floor as they are the easiest for an opportunist to access. Do not leave keys in obvious places e.g. under the doormat, as a seasoned burglar will think this a gift. Similarly, keep track of any keys that are made and who has them; if you move house, collect them all up again to protect the future occupants!


A single lock is useful, but several is better. If you have French windows or patio doors, consider investing in multiple locking components, and front and back doors should have deadbolts which are more difficult to pick or force open than latch systems. If you consider changing locks or getting some new ones, check out Locksmiths Cardiff Direct.

Quality merchandise

If you buy a cheap lock, or employ a dodgy locksmith, you are likely to be disappointed by the results. Seek out a qualified locksmith who is a member of the Master Locksmith’s Association (for more details, see www.locksmith.co.uk). Equally, if your doors or their frames suffer damage or wear and tear such as rot, get these replaced immediately with high standard products from reputable vendors. Indeed, doorsets should be made to a PAS 24 standard, which means it has been certified as meeting the minimum security specifications for doors in the UK.

Out of sight, out of trouble

Jewellery, high-value electronics and other appealing items should be kept well away from windows, perhaps even in a safe. Burglars will often peek in or spot desirable objects from the street, so make sure you do not provide that temptation. This is also true of the packaging – break boxes down and store them safely in the depths of a bin, or risk advertising your possessions.

Light it up

Lights signify a presence in the house, which is an excellent deterrent against burglars. Consider purchasing timers for your light switches, so that you can maintain the illusion of someone being home when the house is actually empty. Similarly, security lights in the garden are a cheap way to startle a burglar and get them to retreat for fear of discovery.

Illusory alarms

If you can afford to, you can get a proper electronic alarm system, which will notify the authorities if your house is breached. However, ‘fake’ alarm boxes are also available. A burglar would not have to actually see an alarm in action to think twice about stealing from a house that merely appears to be wired up!

Better safe than sorry

If you witness any strange activity, like a car parked outside your house at strange times for seemingly no reason, report it! Make a note of key features, such as license plates and physical descriptions of people, and encourage neighbours to do the same.

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