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How To Get A House Ready To Sell

Even though the housing market is hot in most of America, it is still a good idea to make sure your house “is ready to sell”.


That doesn’t just mean to hire a real estate agent and list the home with on the MLS and be done with it.

Getting your house ready to sell means doing actual work and helping your listing agent be prepared to sell.

Start With The Exterior

When a potential buyer drives up to your house (with or without a buyer’s agent) they want to see a clean yard and well kept home.

No buyer is going to get out of the car to look at a home that appears beat up (unless they want to flip the property).

Many times homeowners thinks that because their “local market is hot” that they can sell a home no matter its condition.

Even in California and place like LA or Orange County, you have to make  the house look presentable.

So do simple things like mow a lawn, water plants, paint sun damaged trim, etc.

Walking in the Front Door

Believe it or not, many buyers will make up their mind about your house within 5 seconds of walking in the house.

If the house smells (like pets, or whatever), or if there is junk and clutter all over many buyers will just want to leave ASAP.

Be sure to light some candles, keep the house clean, and make the home inviting for potential buyers and their agent to enter.

The longer a person spends in your house the better chance they will write you an offer to buy.


A lot of us think our family pictures and guitars laying around are great, but potential buyers don’t.

Be sure to spend time packing up stuff that you don’t need daily.

Let the people see themselves living in your home, and that happens by the house looking ready for people to move in.

Simple things like putting away your shoes, and hiding the kids toys can make a house look more presentable.

Backyard or Patios

If you are selling a home then also focus on the backyard, and if you are selling a condo then focus on patios and balconies.

If a backyard looks like a storage area with bikes, toys, and dog leashes everywhere then a lot of buyers will just think it’s a mess.

And if you are trying to sell a condominium then you need to make sure the patios are clean and feel spacious – which makes the 1000 sq ft condo feel much larger.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the tips we suggest, although there are many more ways to prep your house to sell. Even in a hot sellers market you need to make your house appear safe, valuable and worth a buyers time to consider touring and making an offer.

It’s always worth spending a $1000 or whatever to sell a house for $400,000 or whatever price.

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