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Make Your Move to the Manhattan of the Middle East

Between its glorious beaches, incredible weather, and luxury lifestyle, the draw of Abu Dhabi can be intense for many who are looking for new and exciting possibilities. This apparent oasis of the Middle East offers incredible business opportunities in a stable and fast-growing economy and Al Maryah Island has become the centre of it all.

Widely considered the “Manhattan of the Middle East”, Maryah Island has become the new business district as well as the international financial centre for Abu Dhabi. Showcasing stunning architecture and an air of luxury, this world-class location has become a playground for anyone who enjoys living large. If you’re considering Abu Dhabi, here are just a few reasons why you should commit yourself to the high-life and make your move to Maryah Island now.

The Most Desirable Address

Promising to be one of the most luxurious living spaces in Abu Dhabi, if not the world, Farglory Group’s Maryah Plaza is structuring itself around glamour, elegance, and high-tech modernism, and it is also a series of firsts. The Maryah Plaza is the first high-end apartment complex in Abu Dhabi, and it’s the first living space in Maryah Island. Check out http://www.farglory.ae and get yourself in line now to own one of the most desirable pieces of real estate in the world.

Amazing Entertainment               

One of the reasons why Abu Dhabi has turned itself into such sought after real estate is due to the incredible lifestyle it offers, and the entertainment that comes through it is a great example of that. With such a wide variety of cultures moving to Abu Dhabi for business opportunities, the cultural and entertainment scene is simply incredible.

Events like the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and concerts from all the best top artists today are only some of the superb entertainment choices available to you in Abu Dhabi. There will always be something going on for you to check out and explore, so keeping yourself entertained in your new home will be a rather easy feat. Rather than constantly wondering where you’ll have to go to experience any of this, you’ll have it all essentially in your own backyard.

Making the move to any new country can seem overwhelming and daunting. The key is to make sure you’ve done the proper research and understand all the pros and cons of wherever it is you’re moving to. Certain freedoms you’re used to may not be available to you in Abu Dhabi, but that doesn’t mean the business opportunities aren’t worth it. Look at all the amazing sites Abu Dhabi has to offer, such as Maryah Island, and see just how you can make it all work for you.

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