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New Zealand Real Estate Report 2018 in a Nutshell

In a Ted Talk, Ludo Campbell-Reid says “We should be selling our brainpower to the world. We are the first country to wake up on a new day. How about that as a business advantage?” “If you create a liveable city, or improve a city, you make it better. By making it better you, therefore, make it more desirable…”Ludo Campbell-Reid is a leading designer, urban planner and trend-setter in Auckland. A visionary who speaks about Auckland’s future as a global city and its potential thinks New Zealand has all what it takes to make great cities.

From the above statements of the NZ visionary, we find a great potential in the property sector of Auckland, a unique and distinctive city from the rest of the New Zealand. Many Kiwis are seeking services of notable property management Auckland wide. But two questions often linger on the minds of many kiwis are: How much I can borrow? and Do I have the best structure & rate? Well to sort out the ambiguity, notable property management Auckland wide agencies, including Oaks Property, have all the complex deals made easy for you. All you have to do is to reach out to them and you will get a complete picture and the best deal for all your Property Service Auckland needs.

Speaking of the bright prospects of Auckland property market, many property service Auckland providers are of the view that Auckland’s property is getting more attention than before. The Auckland mortgage sector and property values have been largely unaffected by the global recession making New Zealand real estate market relatively stable.

However, a survey conducted by Barfoot&Thompson reported by Herald comparing the Auckland Property market value of 2017-18, and the data has shown a drop of  2.7% from February 2017 to February 2018. Interestingly enough, the analysis also shows a sales increase by 12% and a rise in property listing which is almost double in numbers to that of the previous year. Comparing property prices to rents, the statistics showed a significant rise in rental properties than the properties that are up for sale.

This means a great deal for property management Auckland solutions as those business or residential individuals who want to relocate in Auckland or find a new place to move within Auckland, the rise in rents means a significant impact on their budget. Oaks Property, a notable  Property service Auckland, see these changes in a different perspective and consider this a new normal, a new level where the two differences balance each other to mark a new level in the property market.

The most significant change says, Peter Thompson of Barfoot & Thompson, a remarkable decline in the number of sales in property with compared to three times higher only the previous year. With the prices of properties increasing the market is seen by many analysts to be steady and safe for investors.



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