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People it Pays to Know When Making a Big Move

After receiving news of your promotion, you were over the moon. Having spent nearly a decade at the company, you knew it was only a matter of time before the higher-ups took notice of your accomplishments and offered you a fitting reward. To sweeten the deal, your new position entails increased authority and a substantial pay raise. The only potential downside to this promotion is the fact that you’ll need to move your family across the country. Since you’ve spent nearly your entire adult life in one place, you’re equal parts excited and nervous about the prospect of packing up and moving. Although moving to a brand new place entails a considerable amount of work, there are several types of people who can make the relocation process simple and hassle-free. So if moving day is fast approaching, make sure to acquaint yourself with the following individuals.

Experienced Real Estate Agent

Home buyers who are pressed for time shouldn’t be without a skilled real estate agent. With a full time job and countless familial responsibilities, many people don’t have sufficient time to look for new homes. In many respects, house-hunting constitutes a job in and of itself. This is where experienced real estate agents come in. After finding a trustworthy agent in your new locale, explain to her in detail everything your family is looking for in a home. Using her extensive knowledge of the area, she’ll be able to narrow a vast assortment of choices down to a manageable number of available homes that meet your criteria.

Reliable Contractor

After finding a home in which your family will be happy, there’s a good chance you’ll want to have some repairs or minor remodeling tasks performed. However, working with contractors can be a risky venture. Contractors who are unlicensed, uninsured or both are notorious for walking away from jobs and doing super work. With this in mind, only do business with contractors who are licensed to practice in your state and are fully insured. Furthermore, before committing to a certain contractor, do a little bit of online research to ascertain how satisfied previous clients are with his work.

Trustworthy Movers

Much like contractors, movers are a mixed bag. While certain moving companies offer fantastic service and exercise the utmost caution with clients’ belongings, some movers take no pride in their work and couldn’t care less about damaging customers’ possessions. Such a shoddy work ethic can present problems for people relocating with valuable or irreplaceable items. Before giving your business to a moving company, confirm with the proprietor that the company is insured and that you’ll be fully reimbursed for any items that are lost, broken or damaged in the course of the move. Additionally, like when vetting a contractor, go online to see how past clients rate the company’s work.

Even as an adult, few things are as exciting as starting a new life in a new place. Unfortunately, all the hard work synonymous with moving can make families think twice about relocation. By allying yourself with an experienced real estate agent, reliable contractor and trustworthy moving company, you can ensure that your family enjoys a stress-free move.

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