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The Importance of Building Surveys

Most people know how essential it is to be aware of any defects in a property they are hoping to buy, but it’s also important to know if a property you are considering renting or leasing has any problems too. This requisite applies to all properties whether residential, commercial, industrial, retail or office area because it’s essential to know a property is fit for use and that no any issues with the property will be encountered a little further down the line. This is where chartered surveyors come into their own and being regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), you can be sure their services are carried out to the highest standard in a professional manner at all times.

When it comes to commercial surveyors and the services they offer both residential and business owners, they are is a highly skilled individuals who carry out valuation surveys as well as full structural surveys amongst other important and much needed surveys in various areas of the property market. If you are thinking about buying a property or are about to take on a lease and more especially a FRI which is a full repairing and insuring lease, it is crucial that you are aware of any obligations you’ll be responsible for when it comes to making good or repairing any issues that may occur at a later date.

Getting the All Important Surveyors Report

A chartered surveyor will prepare a report on the property after having surveyed the building but it’s a good idea to be present or to have someone there when they carry out the survey as this offers the opportunity to ask any questions which the surveyor would be able to answer whilst offering the sort of guidance needed through the whole process.

Employing the Services of a Chartered Surveyor as a Landlord

For landlords, the services of a qualified chartered surveyor are invaluable whether they are looking to sell a commercial or residential property or to let it out on a long or short-term lease. As such, a team of surveyors would be able to guide landlords through the process pointing out repairs that need doing or things that need to be made good prior to the property being marketed and subsequently viewed by potential buyers, tenants or investors. This ensures the right asking price is set in place on properties which are to be sold and a correct rent set in place should the property be rented or leased out.

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