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Three Features to Look for In A Vacation Villa

When you’re choosing from Exceptional Villas to rent on your next tropical vacation, you have a long list of considerations. You can rent anything from a small villa fit for two to one large enough to accommodate you and your entire family, but you must know what you want, what you need, and what works for you. While booking your vacation, here’s what you should consider before you make your final decision.

Location, Location, Location

Do you want striking views of the ocean without anything between you and the surf? Do you prefer something closer to the center of a village with shops, restaurants, and nightlife? What you feel is most important to you on vacation is what you want in a villa’s location. You can find villas with both a beautiful view and proximity, but don’t assume they all focus on what you want without double-checking first.

Amenities in the House

Booking a villa means you get a lot more amenities than you get in a hotel. You’re getting a beautiful home with upscale luxuries, but you must be sure you’re booking what you want. You can book villas with a private pool, an outdoor kitchen, and extra bathrooms. You should also inquire about things like bed sheets, towels, and other household necessities. Booking a luxury villa means you get all those things and more, but there are other houses and private rentals that might require a trip to the local store for things like toilet paper and towels if you don’t book with a reputable agency.

Number of Guests and Size

Like a hotel room, villas have a maximum number of guests permitted during your stay. While this does not mean you cannot invite friends over to enjoy your pool or a cookout with you while you stay, it does mean you cannot have more than a predetermined number of people in the home with you for the duration of your stay. Check with the villa rental agency to see how many people the desired villa can accommodate before you agree to rent it. You might need to size up to another villa to ensure you have space for your family, or you might have the option to choose something a little smaller to better accommodate your needs.

Villa rentals on vacation is not a new concept, but it is a concept that’s becoming more mainstream. Families are getting larger, people are traveling in groups more than they did in the past, and space is always a welcome addition to vacation. If you’re looking to find just a little more comfort and luxury on vacation, you might consider a villa. You still have upscale features, but you aren’t confined to a small room or a busy location with thousands of guests all ordering the same room service or sharing the same pool. It might make your vacation more relaxing and more enjoyable for you and your family.

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