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Three rules you need to respect if you rent your home

No matter if you rent your home through a rental property manager or by yourself you need to be aware that you need to respect the privacy of the people living in your home. Even if you are nervous about the changes they may have or about the damage they might provoke, you need to keep into account that they pay to live there. And as long as they signed a contract with you or with a residential property manager that manages your house or apartment, you are safe and no matter what happens you can recover your money.

And don’t forget about the three golden rules you need to obey in order to keep a nice and respectful relationship with your tenants.

1. Don’t make impromptu visits. They will be bothered and they will not appreciate it even if the house is legally yours. As long as they live there, that is their home.

2. Don’t check every little corner when you go to see the house. Respect their business and don’t be intrusive, especially if you see that everything is clean and in it’s place.

3. Don’t call every month when the tenants have to pay he bill. This is extremely annoying and they already know they need to pay the rent. More than this, it’s in your power to evict them in case they cause you legal problems.

If you will respect these three rules and you will maintain a normal relationship with your tenants you will be able to benefit of profits from your apartment or house on an extended period of time. Of course, the best thing would be to contract a company that handles property management in Queensland (like CBS Property) and to enjoy the money and forget about the stress.

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