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Three Types of Domestic Concrete

If you need concrete for a home project, there are a few different types to choose. The type you buy will depend on the purpose of the concrete and how much weight it needs to bear. The different types of domestic concrete include:

  • Standard Ready Mix: This is the most common type of concrete and it is mixed at a plant and delivered to the job site via a drum mixer. It’s important to accurately order the right amount and have a mix design ready when you order. Ready mix is good for large work sites in which there are tight deadlines and for basement builds.
  • Volumetric Concrete: There is less preparation needed for this type of concrete as the design mix can be discussed on site before the concrete is mixed. All the concrete needed is mixed on site and you pay only for what you use. If you need more than previously thought, more concrete can be mixed at no additional charge. It is also used for large build sites as well as basement builds and it has many other uses.
  • Decorative Concrete: When you need concrete and mortar ready mixed for architectural or aesthetic purposes, decorative concrete is usually the type needed. It comes in several different colours and textures so it can be used for several applications including floors, paving, and others.

There are several other types of concrete for domestic and commercial needs but these three types are some of the most popular types used around houses.

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