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Tips for Buying a Lakefront Home

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada offers a strong sense of community, diverse outdoor and recreational activities and four distinct seasons.  The city is also home to a wide selection of lakefront properties that offer stunning views of Lake Okanagan.  One of the most successful real estate agents selling Vernon real estate is Lisa Salt.  She has the following tips to help you find the perfect lakefront home.

Consider the Property Not Just the Home

Purchasing lakefront property is different than purchasing a home in a city neighbourhood.  The home is just one part of the overall purchase.  It is important to keep in mind other important aspects of the property, such as:

  • What is the quality of the shoreline on the property?
  • If there is a dock or can you build a dock.
  • Accessibility – is the lake easily accessible?
  • The views – are they obstructed?

Make sure to keep these questions in mind and look at a few different properties to gain a better idea of what lakefront living really has to offer.

Match your lifestyle to your Home

When you are looking at various options, make sure to match the type of home and property you want with your lifestyle. If you like to swim and want to use the lake mainly for this reason, make sure that your shoreline is not full of weeds or murky water.  If you want to dock boats make sure the water is not too shallow for a dock.  These factors should be just as important as the overall layout of the property or the type of home.

Choose the Right Home

Make sure that the home on the property is in good working condition and structurally sound.  It is never a good idea to get involved in massive repairs or renovation projects before moving in.

Here’s the deal:

Homes on the water are usually exposed to more elements and extreme weather conditions.  Make sure that you hire a home inspector and are happy with the overall condition of the house.

Review any Restrictions

Some properties or houses on the lake may have restrictions that will prevent you from building additions to your home, docks or other features such as seawalls.  Make sure that you know and understand any local bylaws or restrictions that come with the property.


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