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Here are some moving tips I think you’ll find useful prior to and day of for a successful move! Most people don’t realize how much is involved with the process and find themselves completely overwhelmed and stressed out the last few weeks. In fact, most people begin to feel the stress the minute the decision to move has been made. If you create a timeline and check list, I think you’ll find you can have a less stressful move than you thought possible.

8 weeks prior:

PURGE! Go through closets, drawers and cabinets to throw out what you don’t need or want. You can donate, have a garage sale or simply recycle what you can
Consider doing an inventory of valuables to determine replacement values for insurance purposes
Begin to search for moving companies; seek online, valuepak, and newspaper deals
6 weeks prior:

If you are moving out of town:

Notify children’s schools and contact new schools for enrollment
Have copies of their school records sent to new schools
Notify insurance agents and find out if there will be changes to policies
Get doctors recommendations for your new community
Give notice of cancellation for miscellaneous items such as gym memberships, training, etc. Anything that is not transferable to your new location
4 weeks prior:

Notify utility companies to disconnect services on your move day. If applicable the company may be setting up your new services at your new house. If not, call and activate with new utilities company for your move in date
If needed, contact a storage facility in your new community
Cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions (most require 30 days’ notice)
START PACKING! Have all your boxes and supplies and begin to pack
1 week prior:

Finish packing all boxes. Only leave out essential items
Confirm travel arrangements if moving out of town or state
Arrange payment or deposit for movers (if applicable)
Make sure if you are using a moving company they have directions to your new home and a contact phone number
Complete change of address forms with post office and notify relatives, friends and any other necessary organization of your change in address
Notify your employers of your new contact information
CLEAN! (Next week’s blog will have a list of cleaning tips for moving)

Have a box packed of items you will specifically want for your first night at your new home
If you hired movers, do the inventory with them! Keep copies of paperwork

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