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What Antenna Do You Need

Television technology is constantly growing, changing, and evolving. It is becoming better every year but it’s also becoming more complex. In the past, there were only about three channels and you could pick them up over the air. Over-the-air communication still exists and you can pick up many more channels with a simple antenna. However, there have been changes in the types of antennae that you need; also, the requirements of the over-the-air broadcasters have changed. In the past, a signal was broadcast through the air from a large tower at the television station and everyone within range could pick it up by tuning the antenna.

In fact, you could even pick up these channels accidentally. That’s because they were very imprecise. To deal with that imprecision, lack of picture quality, and other problems, the government has been converting all television stations to digital.


There are two kinds of TV antenna in Rockingham. There are digital-ready antennas and true digital antennas. A digital-ready antenna is designed to convert an analogue television to digital capabilities. The old style of picking up any signal within range was analogue. Now, the signal has been digitised so your antenna picks up a digital code that it then interprets into a functional audio and video. This means that you need an antenna and a television that can do that for you. If you have an analogue television, you need a digital-ready antenna to convert it to digital capabilities. If you have a digital television already, then you can use a true digital antenna.

True Digital

True digital is the class of antennae that are not designed to convert televisions. They pick up digital signals and deliver them to your television. The system is slightly different because the television can do part of the interpreting of code, which means that the antenna can pick up and deliver even more information to your television. This means that your picture will be clearer, your audio sharper, and the entire thing more reliable. There will be fewer dropped signals, longer range, and a stronger picture. It’s the best way to view your television if you can.

Antenna Installation

If you don’t have a digital antenna currently or if you want to upgrade, you need to have professionals come install it. They’ll be able to tell you which antenna you need as well as deliver it with efficiency. There are many benefits to having professionals install it; namely, you won’t have to worry about it being installed incorrectly. They will take into account the shape of your house, possible interference from buildings and trees, and the position of your television. All of that is important to a quality television experience.

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