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When is the right time to sell your house?

Finding out the best time to put your dream home on the market often seems to be a daunting task. Experts to deal with real estate sector agree that growth of the market in a certain time of the year can be more fruitful as you can earn the maximum profit selling your house during that period.

The decision of selling your house will be yours and it will not be solely based on the market condition.  You have to take the call considering your personal situation. Followings are some useful tips to help you through the property dealing minefield.

Low cash flow:

When you or your company is going through a financial debacle first thing that you can do is to sell off your property in order to handle the crisis. Your home is probably the most expensive asset that you have invested in and it will certainly help you pay off all the debts. After consulting with the experts to know the marketing price of the property, you can put it for sale.

You bought the house for investment purpose: When you have bought the house keeping in mind that someday it will help you earn a profit then you must have a plan to sell it at the highest price. If this is your case, then you have to consult the real estate expert in order to identify the market value of the property and the right time to hand over it to a new buyer. The beginning of the financial year or the middle of the year when there’s a boost in the real estate market can be the ideal time to sell your house. Keep an eye on the market to track the demand which normally starts to swell in October-November.

Your home doesn’t fit you:

Another vital factor to take into your consideration is how your house meets your needs. Suppose when you bought the house you had a family of two members but now the family has grown to become five members of the team evidently, it will be difficult for you to accommodate everyone in the limited space. So you have to look for a new residence to settle with your growing family. Whether you are buying a bigger home or shifting to a smaller home, make sure your mortgage loans suit your pocket.

Your mortgage loan is paid: The good news is that once your mortgage is completely paid off you are free to enjoy the debt free days. If you sell the house this time, you can pocket the whole profits. Isn’t that luring?

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