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Zakynthos real estate – buying and selling in real estate agency greece

Not only a person who has received a residence permit, but also any foreign citizen (both resident and not permanently resident in the country), can acquire real estate on the island of Zakynthos. Except for pleasure, the acute real estate is a simple and short way to legalization in Europe, as it gives an opportunity to obtain a residence permit, a residence

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Having bought Zakynthos real estate you simply have to visit Navagio and the Blue Caves.

  • The famous Navagio beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the world and, perhaps, the most famous beach in Greece. At this point in 1982, a shipwreck of a cargo liner Panagiotis, carrying contraband cigarettes, happened on board. The ship, which was on its way from Turkey to the open sea, lost its course and soon crashed against the rocks of the northwestern part of the island. Since then, this place is one of the most popular sights of Zakynthos, and photos of the delightful beauty of the landscape and the rusty hull of the ship swept the whole world as one of the most striking Greek postcards. If you want to see the Bay of Navahio from above, and make wonderful panoramic photos, go to the observation deck, located near the village of Anafonitria.
  • The Blue Caves are the unique grottoes of Zakynthos, in which, thanks to the play of light and shadow, the cave walls are filled with surprising shades of blue. You can reach here only by sea. In addition, as part of a boat or yacht excursion, you not only can enjoy beautiful views, take rare photos, but also swim in the clear waters of the Ionian Island.

Zakynthos Island – prices

Mild climate, low crime rate, kinship mentality (it is faster and easier to adapt in Greece than in many other countries of the far abroad), abundance of fruits and vegetables all year round – more and more people are enchanted with the beauty of the island. If you need further information, please contact real estate agency Greece.

It is curious that on the island the price of an apartment of the same area and lay-out grows depending on the floor – the higher, the more expensive. The most expensive apartments are on the last floors of houses with flat roofs, where small gardens, swimming pools or summer bedrooms are arranged. The average 3-4 bedroom apartment in a good area of the island will cost $ 60,000-100,000, and a house of about 100 square meters with a garden plot will cost about $ 150,000.

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